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Hibiscus Foundation for Social Welfare (HFSW) is a women-led, youth-run, not-for-profit organisation founded in 2020. We work towards mental health advocacy, human rights, and sustainability.

About Us

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Promoting accessible and affordable healthcare

Establishing provisions and providing mental health services.

Collaborating for awareness, mutual learning and better practices.

Promoting education, vocational skills and livelihood enhancement projects.

UNDERSTAND ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION Take the First Step - Understand the Facts

Seasonal Depression

What is Seasonal Depression? Seasonal depression, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), is a relatively common condition that affects people at the same time every year. So it can be said that it is a recurrent condition triggered by...

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Refraining From Doomscrolling – A Guide

What is Doomscrolling? Doomscrolling is the act of constant and mindless scrolling or surfing through social media and other news sites. This is done in order to keep up with the current  news, especially during crises.  In times like these,...

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To My Fellow IPL Lovers

It’s 7:30 pm and I find myself in front of the TV. Regardless of the day I’ve had, I’m a hundred percent tuned into the match, and my train of thoughts quietly subside with my attention fixed onto the screen. ...

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Gender Roles: Part Two

How do gender roles affect expression of emotions? It is not new that gender roles have played a major role...

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Patriarchy And Patriarchal Notions: Understanding How Patriarchy Affects Our Daily Lives

What is patriarchy? What constitutes patriarchal notions? The term “patriarchy” is of Greek origin and directly translates to “rule of...

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On Lockdown Anxiety, And How To Alleviate The Same

Do your days seem to fly past in a blur during the lockdown? Do you feel drained from hours of...

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On Rainbow Washing And Allyship

What is rainbow washing? Many brands have publicly displayed support by changing their logos to rainbow themed ones during the...

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The difference between gay and gay

TW : Mentions of transphobia, self-harm, s*icide The title may sound a little redundant. However, I'm going to compare the...

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An open letter to the friends I have lost

Dear, old friend?  Who knew the beginning of the end would be this hard? I’m unsure what to call you but I want to write to you, a piece of my heart, with things unsaid and things that can maybe...

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From One To Another

Trigger Warning: S*icide It has been a couple of years since a friend of mine attempted suicide. To the teenager...

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Gender Roles: Part One

What are Gender Roles? Gender roles are socially accepted roles that are specified for genders with a primary focus on masculinity and femininity. Since time immemorial, gender roles among humans have been in existence. This can be traced back to...

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