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What We Do

Mental Health During a Pandemic

HIBISCUSED_ the instagram page for Hibiscus Foundation started posting about various coping mechanisms, tips for mental wellness as well as information dissemination on Hotlines for people battling the uncertainty of the pandemic, as well as for issues like domestic violence, suicide prevention, child abuse.

GirlUp Empower Collaboration

We were in collaboration with ‘GirlUp Empower’ on topics such as screen time management, online therapy and ‘women in pandemic’ through fact based articles on HIBISCUSED.

#NoTobacco Campaign

A campaign aimed at creating awareness about the effects of tobacco amongst adolescents and children between the ages of 13-17 and bring into light the industry manipulation and prevent them from nicotine and tobacco use through Workshops & Factsheets.

Pro Bono Counselling

We are Open for Pro Bono online counselling with assured client confidentiality. Hibiscus started this program to make counselling and therapy accessible to everyone, especially for persons from low income families and for people who have not been able to access mental health help.